I have put new art in the Artwork section. It is all stuff that has been uploaded to my facebook page over the past couple months. Hope you all enjoy if you haven't seen it yet. 
Also, me and my friends/writers Philip J. Pelacios and Andrew J. James began preliminary work about a month or two ago on a new comic series that is going to be dubbed "Red Horizon" I still cannot give many details without spoiling too much, but it is definitely going to be a very interesting read!
The old world returns!
I've added more concept art to the gallery for your viewing pleasure here: http://superspicycurry.weebly.com/artwork.html
Thank you all for your support and patience. There will be much more artwork very soon. :)
I'd like to start off by officially announcing a collaboration project between me, Philip J. Pelacios, and Andrew J. James. It is a new comic tentatively titled "Red Sun." I can't reveal many more details at this point other than it is going to be a much longer and more serious comic than Super Spicy Curry. We are currently only in the conceptual phase, so a lot is subject to change from now to release. We are really excited to bring this to you all and hope its to your liking!

New Artwork page: http://superspicycurry.weebly.com/artwork.html

Another art piece, this time a character concept. I was toying with the idea of maybe doing a weekly sketch to add to the site in order to bulk up the content. Check back next week, I guess to see if I decided, haha!
I've just finished a logo design for my friend Spencer aka Meltdown! Check it out on my Behance page here: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Commissioned-Work/10764293

Hey all!
I have my first two affiliates to speak of: Blinkkandyoumissit's Let's Play channel and McLeod Gaming!
Links can be found on the "Affiliate Links" tab of this site!

See you next time!